Hello everyone!! I hope you are all well and having a wonderful week. As some of you may know I went to Paris for a couple of days. I just wanted to share with you some of the beautiful pictures we got from there. I did vlog some of this also so keep an eye out on my Youtube to see when that is up. We stayed over for two nights in a hotel which was just near the Gaur De Nore so we did have to get the underground to the main attractions but it only took about 15 minutes. I might stay I had a fanatic time and Paris is so beautiful everywhere you go there is something amazing to look at.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and there is a big surprise at the end !!!

Notre Dame

Eiffel Tower 

We went up the Eiffel Tower and got some lovely views 

The louvre 

Lock And Key

Some more beautiful sights 

I hope you all enjoyed then pictures. If you would like to see more then please let me know. I am also going to be putting my vlog up very soon so keep your eyes out for that. 

And now for the best news about my trip and some of you may already know this but........

A photo posted by Jadiee (@jadiee_gosh) on

My Paris lookbook and Vlog 

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