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About me

Hello Beauties and welcome to my blog. My name is Jadiee or Jadieegosh and I am a 25 year old Youtuber Blogger and Instagram lover, who loves travelling trying new things and being positive. I hope you enjoy my blog

LoveMyLife Tag

Through I would do a little extra Blog post for you guys :) Though I would start a new tag.. Its called the lovemylife tag where you have to put 10 picture up of what you have done in your life that you love or 10 things you love about your life :D smile smile smile and you have to tag as many people as you can

Hope you enjoy

1) Here is me house riding :)

2) Me and my mum went to Florida. Had such a lovely time the USA is such a wonderful country 

3) Me doing some skiing lessons 
4) Me paint-balling such a great day even tho I have a panic attack at the start I still had a great day 

5) This is me and my boyfriend in Wales had such a great holiday :) 

6) I've been to Spain a couple of times

7) I have meet a dolphin

8) I have a wonderful family couldn't put all the pictures up
9) Meet this guy haha 

10) Meet some penguins 

I Tag 



comment me when you have done yours :) 


  1. Wonderful pictures. :) I have tagged you in the A Whole Lot of Questions Tag. Check it out here:


  2. Such a great idea!!
    actually, you have commented on my blog a few months ago and it just made my day so i thought i'd come and say hi over here :)

    1. Thank u so much for coming over and leaving a nice comment :

  3. Aw this is so cute! I love personal posts like these :) X