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Hello Everyone ! I hope you are all well and having a great week!!.. Today's post is going to be my thoughts on my first ever Mac Lipstick ! 

This was the lipstick I went for in the shade Cremesheen party line. I have always wanted a Mac lipstick for as long as I can remember but I have never been able to let myself spend £15 on lipstick I wasn't to sure about. In the end my lovely finance said he would get me one for Christmas I was so happy that I would finally get the chance to try out a Mac Lipstick. I though very long a hard about what shade to get as I knew I would have to wear it a lot if I wanted to get my moneys worth. I went for this shade as it's the most common colour that I wear within my lipstick collect. I am so pleased with this colour. 

This is the colour on and I think it looks so so nice. I have been wearing this lipstick since Christmas every other day and I have got to say I am so impressed. The colour is amazing and I have got so many people saying that they love this lipstick which makes me very happy and puts me in a good mood. 

In terms of lasting power I am a bit disappointed as soon as you drink something or eat it's gone!!! and for £15 for a lipstick I don't think is that good as I always have a drink when I get to work but if I am wearing this lipstick I try to hold of drinking till about 12 as I find if I put this lipstick on go to work and have a drink it's gone of my lips within the hour. 

In terms of the whole how I feel about Mac and this lipstick, I do love it and I love the colour and I will keep wearing this lipstick and I do really really love it, But I wouldn't buy another one as it doesn't have the staying power that some of my other cheaper lipsticks have and this is very disappointing as I wish this lipstick would stay on longer. 

I hope you all enjoy this blog post and I hope I haven't annoyed anyone with my honest! feedback about this product . I do love it very much love it but I just don't think its worth £15 :( 

Love you all !!!

Have a great day !!! 

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