Hello Everyone! I hope you are all well. Today's blog post is going to be a review about some Revolution products. Now I went into Superdrug the other day just to look ( I swear) and I came around the Revolution stand and they where doing a spend £8 and get a free Revolution palette and I just couldn't pass this amazing deal off. I pick up a lipstick blusher and blusher kit. I was testing all these products the other day and thought I should do a little review about my thoughts I hope you all enjoy. 

Red Matte Lipstick £2.49

I picked up this matte red lipstick as I am really loving my lipsticks at the moment. First things first I love the colour its just gawjus!.. It looks really good on and does last a long time. The only problem I have with this lipstick which isn't to much of a big problem is that when it's on it don't feel very nice it's very drying for you lips and it feel awful. After a while I am sure I will get use to it as I do love the colour and I love the way it looks when it's on. 

4 starts from me 

Blusher £2.50

I got this blusher as I normally use the Body Shop one that I have had for a very long time buts it's running out and I needed one bad and this looked so good. I just love this and it's a great colour, it does have a bit of shimmer in the colour so when I first put this on I did put to much and had to do it again. When it's done right this is such a great blusher and I am so happy I found a cheaper blusher to the one I was using before. 

4 Star from me

The Free Palette normal £6  

This is the palette that I got for free. I do love it BUT.... my £4 Revolution palette I have is much better. I do love the this palette and I will definitely use this but I do find my other palette from them looks better when I apply the colours to my eyes. 

3 star from me 

Blusher kit £3 (around)

Now I picked this up as I needed more than one blusher and I saw this and it had a highlighter and a bronzer in it, both I have never used before. I want to start trying to use highlighters and bronzer so thats why I picked this up. I have used the highlighter or bronzer yet but the blush I have and its gawjus!! The colour is amazing and it doesn't leave you with overly pink checks.  I am so happy with this and I can't wait to use the other colours. 

5 start from me !

I hope you liked this review, if you do please comment me your thoughts. 
I hope you have a wonderful day 

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