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Hiya Everyone, As some of you may know on Tuesday 17th I went to London to go and see Derren Brown, If you follow me on twitter then you may of known this and know what an amazing show it was. The show started at 7:30 but I turned up at 6:00 waiting outside I was that excited. First of this blog is going to be all good stuff about Derren Brown because his shows in my options are AMAZING.
I can't reveal what happened in the show as he has asked everyone to keep that a secret but I can promise you that you will be left leaving the show with your month open  and feeling better about yourself.  The beginning half of the show has many tense moments of OMG what the hell and the second half was sort of in a little way life changing. Well if was for me anyway, and I know you are probably thinking  how can it be lift changing its just a show and it's not even real stuff that he is does. BUT I am quite a shy person and have bad anxiety but in the second acted without giving to much away he helped me (and everyone else) become more of the person I would like to be ( if that makes sense).
Seeing the show was an early Christmas present from my fiancé and I am so lucky I got to sit on the 3rd row.  There was a point in the show where Derren Brown was staying just cm away from me.... ( Which was AMAZING!!).

A photo posted by Jadiee (@jadiee_gosh) on

A photo posted by Jadiee (@jadiee_gosh) on

Overall I would give the show a good 10/10 I loved it so much, and for people that like his sort of shows this was definitely the best I have seen so far.

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