Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and having a wonderful day. Today's blog post is going to be about the new Pantene Expert primer. Now I'm not sure if this is in shops yet so I don't know how much this is. I got this product sent to me and before anyone says I have to do a blog post about this product I DONT. I just really wanted to do this post as the product this good in my option. I hope you all enjoy

This is the product and what it looks like. The packing I got with it was amazing but I did throw it away as didn't want to keep taking it in and out of a box everything I wanted to use this. The product itself is meant to reduce the amount of hair on the brush after brushing and makes hair more resistant to damage. I have very thick hair and I must admit that a lot of hair still is left on the brush after I brush my hair but I just think this is because I have very long and very thick hair. BUT I have notice my hair is much smoother and more manageable after using this product.  

Another plus to this product is that is smell amazing and leaves your hair smelling good to. 

Overall I am super happy with this product and I think It's safe to say I would buy this in the future


5 star 

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks blog post
I would love it is you commented your thoughts
I always read and take in everything you all say 
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Have a good day 

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