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Essence Nail 

Now I have to admit when I first got this in my Glossy Box I big disappointed and thought OMG! I am never going to use this. I thought the colour just was not me and the product looked a bit pants. BUT I thought I will give it a try as I know some of you wanted a review of this.  

Well... what can I say I am in love and have surprised myself . Not only does this nail varnish look so good n I think it really suits me as well. The fist coat I put on dried very quickly even more quicker than the Rimmel 60 second varnish. I was so impressed. 

Secondly the colour after the next coat looked so bright and eye popping. It has lasted over a week know which I am super happy about as most nail varnish don't last that long with me. 
the best thing about this nail varnish is that it only cost £1.71 I mean that's a bargain!
I shall defo be getting some more of these nail varnish and I am so happy I tired this. 
Four stars from me the only fault with this product is just the packing isn't that great but the product is just fanatic. 
I am very pleased. 
I hope you enjoyed today's blog post I also have a Youtube if some of you didn't know I shall link my latest
video up just in case you would like to see. 
Hope you all have a wonderful day 

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