Hello everyone so today's blog is going to be about bridesmaids dresses
I went out with my best friend Louisa today and had a good old catch up as it has been ages since we last meet up. Now she is getting married next year and I was helping here to pick the perfect bridesmaids dress.. So I though I would take the picture of the three days on put them on my blog for you all to see as they are so beautiful

Hope you enjoy....

So this is the first dress and it is from Debenhams and is price for around £70 witch I personally think is a very good price for this bridesmaid. The first thing I like and the bride likes about this dress is the colour it is breath taking and in this picture it does not show up witch is a shame. The next thing I like is the leant. The only thing I do not like is the next is a bit to high up for me but its not to much of a problem.

This is the next dress the same as the other dress but shorter, again I love the colour of this dress and the fit. The dress was again from Debenhams and priced around £60 witch I think is amazing. 

This is the last dress I tried on and was priced for around £50 witch I think is great for the dress. I love the cut of this dress and I think the fact that its not to short. The only problem is the colour if this dress was in blue it would be perfect 

Thank you for reading :)
hope you enjoyed please comment what dress you like the best 

Have a great day 

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  1. Hey I just got your email and i love your blog thank you for telling me about it :} I hope you checked out my youtube channel :}

    1. thank you so much for checking it out :D means a lot and I defo do that :D

  2. amazing!!!
    super cute post
    very nice blog!!
    kiss from mexico

    1. Wow you from mexico that is amazing :D and thank you so much for your kind words :) will defo check out your blog :)

  3. Love this post. I can't wait until my friends start getting married and we can all go shopping for bridesmaid dresses!!

    1. thanks for you comment :D and it is fun :)

  4. Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog :)
    I love your blog and all of the dresses look beautiful on you!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment :D and no problem i like your blog :D


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